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What is sag?

Sag is the initial amount of fork travel when you are resting on the bicycle with riding gear. This adjustment allows for optimal performance and travel of your fork .

How much sag should I have?

Suspension forks that have less than 120mm of travel should strive for a 15–20% sag adjustment. Suspension forks with more than 120mm of travel should be set at 25–30% sag.

How to maintain the TSR fork – 1

Every time you ride:Clean the dirt on the upper tube and the dustproof seals, this will minimize the probability of damage of the upper tube and the lower tube contamination. Therefore, will extend the service life of the dustproof seal.

Every 50 hours of riding:performinga down tube maintenancewill help you recover sensitivity to slight bumps, reduce friction and extend bushing service life.

Every 200 hours of riding or 1 year: performing damper and Air springs and fork dustproof seals will extend the service life of the shock absorber, restore sensitivity to slight bumps and restore damping performance.

How to maintain the TSR fork – 2

All products need regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance.
Please follow the "maintenance interval" suggested below:
After eight hours of riding, you can use a soft brush dampened in warm water with mild neutral soap to wipe the fork.
1. Please do not use high-pressure water pipes or scrubbers to clean the front suspension fork or any bicycle components. The high pressure may wash away the lubricant and a large amount of moisture, this may cause damage to the parts.
2. Please do not remove any of the bolts at the bottom of the front fork. Loose bolts may cause damage to the parts and affect thesafety of the rider.
After 50 hours of riding each time:
- Take your bicycle to the store where you purchased it to check the front fork shock absorber function, headset and other components
- If any product is missing or its accessories are damaged, please contact your local dealer.